Your Handwriting is a window into your personality, approach to work and people, and a critical success factor in employment.
The Write Way to gain
insight into your staff/colleagues
The Write Way to know who you are hiring
The Write Way to ensure
that you make productive recruitment decisions
The Write Way to determine Honesty and Integrity
What The Write Way can do for you

The Write Way specializes in Handwriting Assessments using the science of Graphology to evaluate staff and gain insight into people and specific aspects of personality like honesty and integrity by assessing their handwriting.

We give assessments measuring such characteristics as honesty, loyalty, ambition, business acumen, decision-making, motivation, and instruction compliance. Using graphology, the employer can determine the most suitable individual for a position.

Just as the evaluation benefits the company, it benefits the employee. All that is required is the individual to submit a page of handwritten text. He needn't be present during an evaluation, it's all done privately by the graphologist, and results are forwarded to the company.

The Write Way offers:
  • Executive Profile
  • Honesty Tests
  • Tailored tests for your business
  • Career Tracking
  • Consultation & Guidance
  • Professional Guidance
  • Premarital/Pre-Partnership/Compatibility Consultation
Mashi Rose known as "The Honesty Expert of Business" heads up The Write Way.
Mashi Rose heads up The Write Way. Mashi is an internationally qualified graphologist (handwriting expert) with many years of experience in the field. She is well known for her accuracy and has clients in many different markets in South Africa, New York, Canada and Israel. Although Mashi Rose and associates consult in a variety of areas, the main line of work is in the field of business evaluations, honesty and integrity screening, as well as personality and behavioural profiles. They also provide a great service of added value and benefit when businesses merge, specifically into the area of Compatibility at supervisory and managerial levels. The Write Way is known as the honesty experts of business! As far as private use is concerned, The Write Way specializes in Personality Profiling, Career Tracking and Compatibility.
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