Your Handwriting is a window into your personality, approach to work and people, and a critical success factor in employment.
The Write Way to gain
insight into your staff/colleagues
The Write Way to know who you are hiring
The Write Way to ensure
that you make productive recruitment decisions
The Write Way to determine Honesty and Integrity

About Us

  • The Write Way was established to assist business with Executive Profiling, Honesty Testing, Tailored tests, Consultation & Guidance.
  • The Write Way upholds the highest levels of ethics and confidentiality and can be relied on to deliver results in a record time.
  • We have been in business since 2000 and have many satisfied clients internationally.
A cross-section of our repeat clients are accounting and executive firms, diamond dealers, jewellery companies, high technology companies, import exporters, clothing industries and businesses in all fields.

In specific industries in Europe, the UK and in Israel, most companies do not hire an individual without receiving a handwriting sample for evaluation.
  • Our evaluation process is cost effective and tailored to meet the specific needs of your company.
  • Our pre-screening method quickly weeds out undesirable applicants, greatly reducing time and effort by narrowing down the field of possible candidate.
  • Saving you on costs!
What The Write Way can do for your business?
Graphology is the analysis and study of handwriting, used for personality evaluations.

Graphology is referred to as "brainwriting". The process begins when muscular movements involved in writing are controlled by the central nervous system. The form of the resultant writing movement is the as particular and unique as your fingerprint is to you.

The Write Way will provide assessments that are accurate and precise, unobtrusive and non-invasive and candidates only need to write one page of writing.
  • The Write Way can provide an exhaustive evaluation of an individual's character". lt can reveal, social, behavioural, emotional and motivational qualities, features of self-esteem, Past and future orientation, defences and thought processes. Handwriting analysis also reveals leadership ability intelligence, resourcefulness, response to challenges and honesty levels in the reports.
  • For example, graphology can assess an individual in various areas, measuring such characteristics as loyalty, ambition, business acumen, decision-making, motivation, honesty levels and instruction compliance. Using graphology, the employer can determine the most suitable individual for a position.
Clients Old and New
We've work for the following reputable businesses.
  • Trackmatic Solutions
  • Toys R Us
  • Reggies
  • Birnam Business Colleges
  • Leon Slotow Attorneys
  • Alan Menachemson Accountants
  • UOS
  • BMW SA
  • SARS
  • Baby and Company
  • Workwise
  • The Fruit Spot
  • Morgan Fashions
  • Beis Din
  • Sasfin Bank
  • Wellness @ Work
  • Crawford College
  • Sid Forman Jewellers
  • Diamond Dealers
  • Burma Finance
  • World Courier
Satisfied Clients
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