Your Handwriting is a window into your personality, approach to work and people, and a critical success factor in employment.
The Write Way to gain
insight into your staff/colleagues
The Write Way to know who you are hiring
The Write Way to ensure
that you make productive recruitment decisions
The Write Way to determine Honesty and Integrity


In order to provide our services we will need you to do the following:

Write on unlined paper (printer or copier paper).
  1. Use a black pen.
  2. Write a 2/3 page about yourself - anything like your last holiday for example.
  3. Use your normal writing.
    If you usually type and print documents, add two paragraphs of cursive writing as well. See an example of cursive writing below:

  4. Include your signature.
  5. Are you left handed, male or female.
Contact Mashi Rose for more information:

Tel: (+27) 11 786-2679
Cell: (+27) 83 234 9893
American Number: (+1) 718 395 7703
Satisfied Clients
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